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Young Thug - Cash Talk MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

cash talk
metro boomin want some more n-gg-

cash talk, thugga thugga, cash talk
what you say? cash talk
cash talk, cash talk
what you say? cash talk
racks rack, cash talk
what you say? cash talk
racks racks, racks racks, racks racks
cash talk

[verse 1]
pull up in the bentley
hop out with your missy
i'm blowing her kisses
she blow on my d-ck
pour in that p-ssy
she [?] with [?]
i can go slow like a ?
i can go fast like a ?
hop in the bentley, 20 inches in up under me (i'mma be)
y'all act like we wear black diamonds, stingray, no b-mble bee
i'mma spend racks on racks on bottles for all the people under me
when i leave outta the club i feel hot cause the way they wanted me
whenever i turn up on these b-st-rds (turn up)
my jewelry wet, baby, bring me some napkins (turn up)
i don't like cameras but feel my action
my green, i'mma poke it b-tch, i'mma cactus


[verse 2]
pull up in the he-rs-, your head i'mma burst
i slow down your trap, young thugga the curse
i'm serving the patients, get head from the nurse
i put in that work, i throw what you worth
no basket, i'm balling – she calling
i pull up with gators and we take your water
like a dolphin
the lord don't know what to do with me
i'm in memphis with boo dirty n-gg- ten-a-key (og)
dirty n-gg-, throw him that doa
chop peso, peso, pays what more [?]?
you don't sit down in the spot n-gg-, we gonna shoot up the place
pop, cop, copping maseratis, they like oh kemosabe


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