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Young Thug - Big Bs Demo MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: young thug]
ha, big business
like the opp say big business, you know what i'm saying, f-cks
yeah, now watch me

[verse 1: young thug]
handful of hundreds, real big bentley
hublot, n-gg-, get some business
whole lotta hoes, n-gg-, get your women, heh
stuff ‘er with the pole, come and get your women, n-gg-
big business, talk sh-t, wendy williams, ooh
catch 'em at the club sipping
f-ck around they missing, hold on (swoop), hold on
big pimping, iced out my crew now my mission complete
pimp c, i ain't doing that, i'ma f-ck her on the sheets, yeah
and all my n-gg-s loyal like bun b, hold on
f-ck you thought? ysl till we d-i-e, hold on, hold on, hol' on
f-ck around and set the b-tch off like queen latifah
hold on, hold on, yeah, going all out 'bout my dog like scooby-ee
and a n-gg- trap door swinging like busy bee, woah (busy bee)
outdated temporary tag on a bentley b (bentley b)
two tone wire bag, double r, park it on the streets, yeah, hold on
two tone wire bag, big tires tear up the streets, rwar
looking at your kid, i might be the papi (sheesh)
65 pointers in the cuban sheesh (d-mn, woah, sheesh)
diamonds on the backside tearing up my skin, sheesh
uh, your old man tryna do it like me, sheesh

[verse 2: young thug]
make a n-gg- b-tch tap out
then put 24's on a real big body
b-tch said n-gg- need to stop got 100 racks on me
can't fit in my pocket
i'm a street n-gg-, i'ma eat me some soup
i'ma let my b-tch eat pasta (eat that, hoe)
told y'all n-gg-s ain't stopping
black card in my wallet, i'ma feed my partner
i was at one of my shows feeling like cam'ron with the pink margielas
we was tryna beat a murder capital, riding around the town with the pink beretta
when i got in touch with the money, me and shawty f-cked around and filled my schedule
momma just sent me a picture got indian in my family through my god d-mn nana
young n-gg- f-cked 'round, dropped out school, learned it all through the id channel
young n-gg- f-cked around and ran out of bullets in the .40, got to get a banana
these young n-gg-s go brazy, done got that money, they still might pop
so many blue faces on me right now, young n-gg- still gamble
35 racks for the factories, i steal mammals
i ain't no rapper n-gg-, i geolog'
i'm a big dog, no pedigree, i eat racks
boomerang your b-tch sweet, she coming back

[verse 3: quavo]
quavo, can i talk my sh-t to 'em? (sh-t)
morri, yeah, trappin' the birds, ravens (ravens), no cory (no)
spendin' that cash, what you savin' (woo), true story (cash)
i got some newborn babies (woo), in storage (yeah)
i got the pies, roaches and flies, close your eyes (pies)
came from the nawf, i got the ms movin' the skies (ms)
i got the ps, the keys, you need it in the archive (keys)
we from the jungle, you n-gg-s too humble, you couldn't survive (jungle)
cartier tags, ayy (twelve), built to blast, ayy (baow)
take a splash, bae (splash), all -ss, ayy (woo)
built to last, bae (yeah, yeah)
look at my wrist, ice, all gl-ss, ayy (ice)
she gon' do that task for that bag (she do it, yeah)
i'ma take that pot, then i spaz (woo, whip it)
momma say she's spoiled and she s-ssy (woo)
f-ck it, i'ma f-ck her on the dash (smash, smash)
n-gg-s ain't eat, call it fastin' (no eatin')
number one, huncho, everlasting (everlasting)
pinky ring yellow like a taxi (shine, shine)
don't call my phone, yeah, the boy, he taxin', yeah (brr)

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