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Young Devyn - Straight To It MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

lemme get straight to it
ain't no shawty is talking the way that i do like these hittas don't make music
heard my oppas was plottin on makin a move i could tell you they ain't do it
all my youngins is crip but i know couple apes and i promise they trained stupid
if i drop, they gon take to it

i spent a couple thousand on some vves but i made that money in a week
i don't be walkin round wit all my little exes and i'm never subbin in a tweet
shawty you wasn't bout it, i could see you stressin when i sent the addy for the meet
because you outside it don't mean that you street
i'm focused on bread don't got timе for no beef

drummer wit me and they hittin
pull up gеt my cheddar and i'm dippin
got a different hoodie for the spinnage, i would cook a rapper turn em to some spinach
everybody know my body different, hottest in the world and i ain't talking guiness
ain't a problem started i ain't finish
got some flossy ooters like a denist/ huh

i know a couple woos that be down to ride, spin a hunnid times, on the other side
i'm a little hitta but a busy body, wear balenciagas like it's runnin' slides
ain't no top 3, i'm the top chief, stop speakin on me in them blogger sites
they was rolling wit me till i got beef, now the whole city inna homicide

i'm a big dawg in this place
don't get me p~ssed off in this wraith
i could do big talk, not from crenshaw but it's blues all in my face
hold on…wait
they said i'm stuck all in on my ways
i get you clipped off, for a big cost, i'mma need all of my sp~ce
brody gon, brody gon get that
better not spin back, cuz he don't miss straight head taps
if it go cl!ck clack, body gon stretch back, now it's on sight like a death match

if you speak on my name
don't forget to mention devyn is paid
could never turn me to a pack is you laced
you not official you just caught you wave

lemme get straight to it
i said lemme get straight to it
i said lemme get straight to it

hold on, lemme get straight to it
i said lemme get straight to it
i said lemme get straight to it

young devyn

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