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Young Devyn - Act Bad MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

baby goat

act bad, act bad
act bad, act bad
act bad, act bad
act bad, act bad
listen, uh

i'm on the block with the suvys
my youngins would pop at ya coufee
i said i'm the top in this music
i caught so dubs that i probably won't lose it
and yes i'm the goat of my city, them hittas be wit me
and probably ruthless
i had so much hunger within me, i'm eating like ruth chris
‘cuz is you stupid
you spent ya last on some diamonds to catch up wit' mine
and still i don't even see it shine
they said, “lil' shawty be wylin'”
i'm hearing i'm next it's like i don't even see the time
i got the crown now and i'm keepin' mine
and i got more stripes than them adidas signs
want my chicken, cheddar and my peta fine
get ya toughest hittas thеy ain't beatin mine
hol' on, wait
baby goat wrist on lake
shoots for thе stars, so i got me a wraith
thought i told all you rappers n0body was safe
i'm on a flight to la
my label told me that i gotta get paid
the pilot stopped me thought i had a grenade
its just my pockets filled wit nothin' but cake
grrt, brrt
i hear talk no moves
all of my opps don't ball or shoot
two tone benz in the truck, no coupe
and it's all of this chat but they never gon' do
you speak once on the kid, that's boom
wanna love first night i said, “baby, that's you”
lil brown skin vibe wit a few tattoos
who shawty on top, young dev, that's who
act bad, act bad
act bad, act bad
act bad, act bad
act bad, act bad
listen, uh

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