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Yg - Youzza Flip MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1 : jay 305]
i'm that nigga, same old nigga
ain't shit changed, name getting bigger
hoes be choosin, hoochies be rooting
f-ck is you doing? b-tch start screwin'
i ain't here to play games witcha or kiss ya
b-tch youzza flipper, be on them dolphins
since the 8th grade b-tch you been tossin
they used to call you choo-choo at dorsey
seen her at stars? yeah at the back tho
in and out the club? yeah that's that ho
kicking it with rappers? yeah that's that ho
f-ckin with athletes? yeah that's that ho
anywhere the money is, is where the pussy go
she made a career, off her pussy ho
d-mn shame cause the b-tch she still broke
no judgin', freak show, ichat, no cuffin'

[hook : jay 305]
youzza flip, we know you
don't act, you ratchet
youzza flip, we know you
don't act, you p-ssed it
youzza flip, we know you
don't act, you ratchet
youzza flip, we know you
don't act, you p-ssed it

[verse 2 : yg]
look youzza flip, l.a. ratchet
i heard that pussy burn like acid
f-cked you at a studio on fairfax
i hope my nigga ain't hit it bareback
afro on the cl-t that's a no-no
youzza neighborhood flip, they call you roll-roll
you at the county getting food stamps you doo-doo
i'm on world star looking at new-new
in hollywood every night, ratchet
you lettin' niggas hit it raw, you nasty
been on your knees sucking d-ck so they ashy
you got the chip to pay for anything ratchet
i p-ssed it, ace thrashed it
flying out of town f-ck them niggas shootin' baskets
(you don't know me)
b-tch ya i do
(you don't know me)
b-tch ya i do
youzza flip

[hook : jay 305]

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