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Yg - Toot It Boot It G Mix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i met her in the club
then i said w-ssup
i took her to the crib
and you know i f-cked (this is the g-mix)
and toot it and boot it
toot it and boot it
toot it and boot it
that's why i toot it and boot it
whoaaa ohhhh x3

[verse 1: 50 cent]
first time i met her, i ain't know
she was a freak
now i give her a girlfriend when
she want something to eat
she likes her, i love us
them both my b-tches n-gga don't
touch we got an open relationship
so i f-ck with whoever i wanna f-ck with
champagne pop
the party it don't stop
after the after party better ask
somebody than it's back to the crib
this the way i live
she toot it then i boot it
i chew a m-th-f-cker chick, she know how i get down
2pac i get around
give me california love right at back of my truck


[verse 2: yg]
she got a booty
yea, she got a booty booty
she got a booty
yea she got a booty
i think i'll get like ask her for number
cause she know i got a girlfriend
so i don´t even trust her
owww stacks on deck you know
i got em gotta, gotta stay protected
pocket full of condoms
i got a truck to take her back to the house
then i, then i beat it beat it up
on the couch cause i can make it rain
baby money ain´t a thing
don´t bring your boyfriend to
the club if your lame
i think he go make you pay
(i bet you don't want your boyfriend when i'm done)
i'm mr. young gangsta with a whole bunch
of swag i see girl in a cloud, with a whole
bunch of…
…go back to the pad
and nasty in a back
than i kicked her laugh hahahahh


[verse 3: snoop dogg]
my nephew yg said
uncle snoop dogg
i got a pack of broads and i'm
trying to hit them all
kick 'em out and hit them all
bounce till you ball, roll with the dog
blow my house till you fall
come a who, i'm a do i'm who
girl, i'm an icon
hit you in the dark with no light on
with my ice on, put my nikes on
now i´m soaring, pouring
made in america but i'm so pouring
lawin, miss me, hug me, dress me, love me, finess me
it's best we keep it on the slide on my cm
throwing up the ean
b, c she with me
i toot it and boot it
i'm suited then soot-t
properly executed in front of
beauty, like kobe you know me
i'm gooter than luda always gonna shot (ya dig!)


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