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Yg - Snitches Aint Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[hook: snoop dogg sample]
b-tches ain't sh-t, but hoes and tricks [x8]

[verse 1:yg]
got this b-tch named tar, she let me f-ck her in the car
like kim kardashian, she wanna be a star
got this b-tch named brittany with big -ss t-tties
but b-tches ain't sh-t cause b-tches act mickey
got a main b-tch but i don't need her
every time we f-ck, i gotta pop a bean first
hit the purp, then eat that p-ssy for dessert
it gets worse, just watch when she squirt
i got this b-tch who act sadity
she live in the cities
every time she hear i got a new b-tch, she says she miss me
i'm a thug, got this thug b-tch, she stay up in the jungles
every time we go to crenshaw mall, she have a rumble
got this b-tch in the hoovas, i don't wanna lose her
-ss so fat to measure it, i need a rulaaa
got this bad b-tch that go to north-ridge
she always wear gucci but she can't afford it

b-tches ain't sh-t, but hoes and tricks [x8]

[verse 2:tyga]
take a b-tch life, now it's my life
need a b-tch that can f-ck, cook, clean, right
turn a b-tch out, make her l!ck twice
yeah, she eat p-ssy but she don't f-ck dikes
laid in the middle, two miller lites
straight k!ll a b-tch, pop rocks little sprite
bam bam, little chubby -ss, gooey car
tell the b-tch twinkle, twinkle, come meet a star
i don't odom, no lamar
kind of money make her come out her leotard
i'm in this b-tch like my d-ck hard
and i shuffle money like playing cards
yg tell them b-tches w-ssup, they ready to cut
no, links in my suit, we don't cuff 'em
straight duck 'em, like donald
quack qwock
i don't even know the sound them b-tches make

b-tches ain't sh-t, but hoes and tricks [x8]

[verse 3:2chainz]
( 2 chaiiiiins)
old car, new broad
no p-n-s, no broad
your mans burnt out like a white owl [?]
white girl we the same color when the lights out!
mean while, gut the plug on speak out
you might ear your girl voice if you hit redial
f-ck her last night now i'm [?]
i can't ear what you saying cause my weed loud
rubber band 'round my money
i got a rubber band 'round my money
b-tch sh-t, like a horse did it[?]
got a porsche just to go with it
everything gon' go, imma go get her[?]
one thing that i hate is a broke n-gga
second thing that i hate is a broke hoe
and the motherf-cker snitching to the popo

b-tches ain't sh-t, but hoes and tricks [x8]

[verse 3:nipsey hussle]
look, i like b-tches, that's light-skinned
with ah whole a lot of -ss, and get right with it
off a pill, i can probably make her like b-tches
l!ck, l!ck it, like a lolli till it's like liquid
these hoochies always talking 'bout, where my d-ck is
but if it's not in your mouth then get out my business
a n-gga real ratchet, i ain't wifing sh-t
known to f-ck and cut her off, light switches
uh, now what i get? money b-tch
you look good, but to me you just a bummy b-tch
and the funny sh-t is, you know my other b-tch
met me through her on some under cover lover sh-t
godd-mn, ain't that your homegirl?
scandalous b-tches, we living in a cold world
that's why i flip 'em, flip 'em like ah zone, girl
and every week i change my number to my phone

b-tches ain't sh-t, but hoes and tricks [x8]

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