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Yg - Love Jones MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ooh, yeah…
where all my ladies at?

and if you with it like i'm with it we can get it
i'm trying to get two things, some d-ck and
you know we both christian, you know we both sinnin'
just ask for forgiveness at the r-rated movie dinner

[verse 1:]
with your fine -ss, treat you like a wine gl-ss
top shelf you and beat that p-ssy up
beat it up but do it careful
turn you phone off, girl, no one can help you
yeah, see, i'm a p-ssy eatin' n-gg-, all i do is eat
do it in your mama's house, like i don't care if she
yeah, it's so good… i have her shakin'
he lookin' – tell him she took it
put it in my mouth, girl, put it in my mouth
have you sin, oh my god, girl, just put it in my mouth
yeah, put it in my mouth girl, put it in my mouth
this a message from the lord, girl, just put it in my

i'm a give you that love jones, baby lay your head down
don't worry 'bout a thing, leave it up to me and i'm a
work it out
love jones, love jones, love jones… (yeah baby)
lick it one time, then two times…
lick it one time, then two times…

[verse 2:]
f-ck your makeup, i be tryna lay up
slang this d-ck so good you can't even stay up
i do it so good, make you wanna bang the hood
yeah i do it so good, make you wanna bang the hood
say it's on then it's on
to make sure, i sip patron 'til it's gone
she in her t-shirt and her panties, or whatever
yeah as long as they ain't grannies… i with whatever
and you know i'm with the bros… so bring your home
we only f-ckin' – it ain't wrong, girl
i'm tryna turn the phone conversation
into taking off your thong, girl
so if you with that let's skip the chit chat
get to the business, make that p-ssy collapse
yeah i'm a real n-gg-
and i know you got some situations with them other
but i wanna f-ck with you so i'm a deal with 'em



what up, baby?

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