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Yg - Fuck You MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[produced by dj mustard]

dj drama

[verse 1:yg]
f-ck it
i done seen it all with these two eyes
hoes dogs like blue eyes, i mean blue nose
who she f-cking on who knows
baby mamas i don't do those
condoms got to use those
cause they be acting like pinche putos
you a b-tch n-gga and you know you a b-tch
when you get told by a b-tch n-gga
these a thousand dollar pair of shoes
and you gone step on em, n-gga f-ck you!
everytime my b-tch come around you
try to talk her on the low how could i trust you
ok, n-ggas ain't loyal, n-ggas ain't loyal
bad like milk n-ggas will spoil
picture me rollin like 2pac
off two pills i popped, n-gga f-ck you!


these a thousand dollar pair of shoes
and you gone step on em, n-gga f-ck you!
they keep bringing bottles to my tables
i see you n-ggas hating, n-gga f-ck you!

i think they mad cause i'm in my zone
plus i got that rollie on, n-gga f-ck you!
i got a hundred b-tches at my table
i see you n-ggas hating, n-gga f-ck you!

[verse 2:young jeezy]
think i ain't with the sh-t, know you got me f-cked up
don't be coming at me wrong, that'll get you f-cked up
true to the game don't judge a book by it's cover
and don't you ever, never, ever mistake a g for a sucker
n-gga f-ck you and everybody who like your b-tch -ss
send them through in the chevy dt snipe your b-tch -ss
from the back of the back in the ? got d-mn
go dougie on the p-ssy, thats right k!lla cam
n-ggas don't run sh-t but their motherf-cking mouth
if i had a dollar for the hate i'd buy a billion dollar house
got that .40 on deck keep it with me like a spouse
i don't even mind smoke a n-gga like a house
5 in the morning going hard in the kitchen
t doing three my god n-ggas snitchin'
i'm a speak my mind yeah you know how i do
so really b-tch n-gga f-ck you!


[verse 3:yg]
f-ck you
giuseppe with them straight legs
and them ray bands i see you n-ggas hating
i know you n-ggas plotting
but i ain't even tripping
cause i know my n-ggas popping
the club or the mall it don't matter i'm a cash out
on my gps all i see is cash routes
in the whip don't make me pop the stash out
i c-ck back like n-gga f-ck you!


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