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Yg - Free Rudeboy MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

Chord gitar tidak tersedia.

Lirik Lagu

[intro: yg]

go free rudeboy
jaycari i'm so sorry
aye, aye, go free rudeboy

[hook: yg]

go free rudeboy
aye, aye, go free rudeboy
man, he don't deserve it
free rudeboy
i was hurtin' when i heard it
man, he don't deserve it
free rudeboy, i was hurtin' when i heard it

[verse 1: yg]

free rudeboy, that's my n-gga i got it
you my n-gga all day, like 24 hours
yeah, i know you feeling down, but don't worry about specifics
cause i'm gonna cuss out every b-tch that didn't give you a visit
you my n-gga right, you know i miss you bro
the first time i went to jail i was with you bro
yeah i know your situation is irritating
i know you miss this pushaz sh-t but we still in the making
but keep your head up, cause you in now
if n-ggas want to fake, don't turn sh-t down
oh yea your mama says she love you, and our homies say whats up
on your next court date i wish you the best of luck
if you need me know i'm working, drop a stack on your attorney
i be talking to jesus telling the lord to have mercy for ya
yup, middle finger to the judge
first day out, we in the beamer headed to the club


[outro: yg]

it's pushaz ink baby!

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