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Yg - Five Fingers Of Death Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: yg]
i'm from westside balifornia
my n-gg- suin'
paparazzi pull them canons on ya
it be like fo' five in the mornin'
yo' b-tch gettin' f-cked and sh-t getttin' stolen
we wear chuck tees and cortez
wear designers just to flaunt them
we really don't care
and everybody know somebody with that [?]
cali n-gg-s be ot
why you think we go there?

[verse 2: yg]
everybody got they hustle
everybody got they uncle
who got straps and got they back
when homies don't come through
press the plug taxin', you like uncle sam
and ya other plug got a deal but he just got jammed
i told my pops the streets turned me to a man
he told me stay out the streets
the streets where i got my bands
d-mn, and on my street i'm the man
another victim of the culture, d-mn, d-mn, d-mn

[verse 3: yg]
guns spits they m's cause they ain't how it go
half go to taxes, and expenses ain't low
and after i pay expenses i gotta pay permission
but you don't wanna learn the bin'ess
cause you don't ever listen
so, you gotta learn the hard way
don't question my loyalty
you know it, i'll go hard for you all day
like what, who trippin'? get the biscuit, line it up
tell 'em we can squabble in a hallway

[verse 4: yg]
n-gg- f-ck this message
he ain't my credit, can't give you my debit
that's why you hate me, huh
you counting pockets and you think i'm flickin', huh
you think if you need me i'mma shake you, huh
have you ever thought about how much i've been taken from
like i need this to do that and it never happens nuh
you start speakin' that language and they don't feel n-gg-s
that's they reason to say i ain't a real n-gg-
i'm gone

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