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Yahya - Rememory MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

broken memories
they taunt me like a bird caged by scorched wings
puzzle pieces missing
all the grubby fingerprints that kissed the walls have vanished

like the wind without her whispers

memories of sin broken wings have trapped me in
heart is broken, tin opening to no one since
everything i been playing back can't forget
everything i did playing back so i live

held back by my pain and my grief
no release
all i need is a home and dream
escape from this place just to find me some peace
a piece i can plant in the earth like a seed

grows from my roots to a tree
i can see destiny in the stars when i dream
permanent the grief
make me weak
still i need to believe that it won't just repeat

haunted by cost of everything i lost
what is gone will live on thru rememory a song

hidden in the text is vision of the next move
memories a chain present pain we attached to


we birds in cage as our forms fly away
cuz we not free from our memories
birds in cage as our forms fly away
cuz we not free from our memories

frozen cuz we closing all the doors to our past
broken don't look back cuz feel we can't
our spirits so suppressed so we laugh cry
sing die negligent of history
forgetting how the cycles goes revisiting our memories

resenting us because we won't remember how they wanted
now they twist our stories up and then sell em all for a profit
claim to speak across divides
when they only spreading lies
so she try so we lie our thoughts up in sky

born of the strain to reclaim all this lost hope
memories of pain and the fear that my eyes wrote
staying in this plane -not escape when the grave close
boys run away to be free but the chain chokes

weep when we weak and our grief doesn't reach you
so hard to speak when you feel like ya see through (we need to)
claim a sp-ce where you stay and you pray that they see you

we birds in cage as our forms fly away
cuz we not free from our memories
birds in cage as our forms fly away
cuz we not free from our memories

sweet home deep wound still her feet move
play host young ghost til her will broke
acorn reborn in her child no
brother claims it ain't safe so they both go

memories of loss weigh a lot on a black soul
surprised that we mined all this pure gold
years of hatred yet no one really wanna face it
but reparations must be paid in more than empty statements

they ask us why we always out here saying that's we matter
huh you stealing all our stories and we noticing a pattern
it has to be the m-sses ain't nowhere go until you sharing in our sadness stagnant

til my death is just as tragic
our girls are just as magic to you
it doesn't matter what i do
the truth in my sorrow is a view
and our are memories too

come to back the place where it used be
what was lost lives in rememory

baby boys been gone shes forget they face
come back to the grave with her baby name

plant a seed and her dreams turn to destiny
fill a need with the change she believes in

put her faith in change when she still pray
still look to the stars for safe place

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