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Xxxtentacion - Zones MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


passive aggressive, passion
mixed up with bad sh~t
so smoke this and get so high
forget where the ash at
i'm laughing at your [?]
get my money first
and my pockets is on the day
yours is looking hurt (oh my god, oh my god)
over pressured, i do hurt, b~tch
leaving you n~ggas in fetal
position, b~tch, i am leaving
weapon like my name is dixon
get hit with ritalin if you feel froggy, my plug is bilingual (ayy)
speak trap when i come in, might eat me some shrooms in the forest
ignore us, i explore her body, she call me her tourist

my love is a xan through zones
my love is a xan through zones
my love is a xan
my love is a xan through zones
my love is a xan through zones
my love is a xan
my love is a xan through zones (awowowowo, awowowowo)
my love is a xan through zones
my love is a xan
my love is a xan, my love is a xan
my love is a xan
falco here, i'm fine (here)

i'm fine
two blunts, f~ck your time
ecstasy when i'm tired
little bit of conjuring when i'm high (ayy)
i lied, go to h~ll when i die
p~ssy motherf~ckers will fry
glock and 99 lives go bye, die
right, victims k!lled the same
its an hour late
it's the tone when we suffocate
this is out~f~cking~rageous
many will be f~cking slaughtered in front of doctors
the pavement, no one can save them
oh father, take them

wells fargo shorty here to f~ck up the party, ayy (awowowowo, awowowowo)
bandana shorty, never f~cking say i'm sorry, ayy
shh, if i want your sh~t then i take it
but yo don't feel bad, need more wrist game than bracelet
i'm feeling like grace 'cause n~gga i'm amazing
i pop me a xan and forget my location (falco here, i'm fine)
i f~ck me a b~tch and go get a replacement
i got that 4 for the low, so i pour up on hoes
so b~tch take a photo while i glow up
smoking weed same color throw up
like to get high but don't smoke, blunts
she only smoke papers i f~ck with her
she roll my blunts, then we go f~ck

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