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Xxxtentacion - Suicidal Thoughts Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: xxxtentacion]
sever the mind
wonder what you'll find within the souls divine
put 'em on ice
watch the n-gga slip, think he will not suffice
make 'em idle, all to be infamous
time becomes a f-cking rival
basically battled the devil within himself
he faced the f-cking tidal wave
hands moving all in my f-cking face, i hate this place
godd-mn, disgusted by my face
i feel like a waste of d-mn skin because the tint that's on my face

[verse 2: ant cats]
i'm on this song
yeah squirtle thinks he's long
but i'm taller remember sque
yeah aye like i'm dr dre
that what i'll say
or this might be another day
man free tay k
michael bay remember that sh-t from smosh
all you fake fans say lol g-y
maybe find the sh-t clay
now today i'll make this song
so now aye how long

[outro: lil squirtle & poli]
man ban xan
yeah me lil sque
yeah i never had a song for one year
yeah me poliwhirl girls love me

[verse 3: ant cats]
b-tch i changed a lot from this
this hate needs to f-ck off tho'
i get it you haters hate me for a reason
used to call me a sh-t rapper
b-tch i changed from the bullsh-t
me and triple x are talented
people always want the diss season
i don't do a's anymore i'm improved
b-tch i moved from this untalented sh-t
don't need to be a sh-t rapper tho'

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