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Xxxtentacion - Riot Remix V2 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

dj forgotten
luke white on the beat

[verse 1: xxxtentacion]
you ever seen a n~gga hung with a gold chain?
i'd rather sing about the same things that we claim
such is bashful, but n~ggas like a task force
mobbin' on the streets and robbin' stores in ski masks, bruh
n~ggas ask for peace in a riot, then bring violence
'cause it's a game of cat and mouse and you gon' bleed silent
what's the justice in sayin', “f~ck it,” and grab the pump?
then k!ll a woman with many children? makes you a chump
look in all the stores you wreckin', n~gga, i reckon
think about the people who own it for 'bout a second
i know you got your problems, but brother, they got theirs
this is not a game, quit violence and grow a pair
but sure, you'd rather hear me say, “f~ck the black prejudice
let's murder different races, grow hatred, and form irrelevant
views,” and etcetera, knives thrown
damage 'em, lives blown, oblivion, all cold, oblivious
i won't dare say that you should stop the f~ckin' ignorance
murder opps, k!llin' sh~t, i'd enjoy the thrill of it
bathe in blood of officers, different corpses, offin' 'em
auction 'em, don't you bark at 'em, murder 'em, never heard of 'em
[verse 2: notorious b.i.g]
now i'm thirteen, smoking blunts making cream
on the drug scene, f~ck a football team:
risking ruptured spleens by the age of sixteen
hearing the coach scream ain't my lifetime dream!
i mean, i wanna blow up, stack my dough up
so school, i didn't show up, it f~cked my flow up
mom said that i should grow up, and check myself
before i wreck myself, disrespect myself
put the drugs on the shelf, nah, couldn't see it
scarface, king of new york, i wanna be it
rap was secondary, money was necessary
until i got incarcerated~~kinda scary
c74~mark 8 set me straight
not able to move behind a great steel gate
time to contemplate, d~mn, where did i fail?
all the money i stacked, was all the money for bail

[ verse 3: diana king]
me holla respect, to all the gun men dem
gun men alone, keep gun men friend
fire bun, fi all the informer dem
informer lone keep informer friend
that's right, bwoy, it's goin' on, right here
thug life, god bless the dead
we see, i see, death before the children
white guys and white girls hanging from the buildings (we are the ku klux klan, we hate)

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