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Xxxtentacion - Iwatchedhimdrown MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

Chord gitar tidak tersedia.

Lirik Lagu

i can fly, i can
yuh (hey, me and ski are in the booth)
b~tch (together)
b~tch (together)
here's your b~tch (laughing)
yuh, b~tch 'em, getting 'em, mkay, ugh
steven, you fat

(hit it) drop it, hit it, drop my hoe (my hoe)
and that b~tch is asian like she code lyoko (code lyoko)
hit it, hit her, kendo
'cause a n~gga tryna assassin creed my flow (creed my flow)
aye, come get your b~tch, she make me sick
all 'bout them d's, double~dutch on my d~ck
i can't complain, she get wet as a sink
ski mask, jeff gordon, i drift with the mink (drift with the mink)
(hmm) raspberry, ride my d~ck, crashing sh~t
her hands up like i ski~masked the b~tch (ski~masked the b~tch)
bittersweet, tastes like a xan' and sh~t (xan' and sh~t)
mean~mug your man like a daddy, sh~t (daddy, sh~t)
damage you, uh, package you, uh
ship to your mom, let her handle you (coughing, handle you)
x gon' act wild like he capping sh~t, uh (capping sh~t)
come for your blood like he repping sh~t (repping sh~t)

grab your f~cking face, put that on a curb
eating gravel, mineral, not a nerd
i'ma numb him, blood him, manny my curse
watch his image become bl~~dy with fur
hear my doctor: “what he need?” “i don't know”
reassuring someone's blood on my shirt
white tees, white folks, newscast
screaming “n~gga, you f~cked”
watch how quick my motherf~cking bullets rip
jumped out clips, now, watch his body f~cking dip
slit my wrist just for release on datpiff
body~to~body, we dirty dance, throw a fit
smash my face into the glass, i'm p~ssed
wash my corpse into the bottom, i sit
all my pain and my neglect, i reaped
what i've sown, i need my throat slit quick, come (come)

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