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Wynne - Illegally Blonde MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


cipha sounds:
aye, what floor do you need?

uh, 9 please

cipha sounds:
oh, whats up on 9?

uh my studios up there, i'm a rapper

cipha sounds:

cipha sounds:
what the f-ck is going on?
(ciph, don't be like that…)
she's a white girl from portland!
f-ck is she rapping about? the ski lodge?
with her parents ted and yankee candle?
wearing those burger stock sandals
playing harry potter trivia??
“hi! i'm lizzie maguire from the rap game
and you're watching the disney channel!”
(that's not nice at all…)
she's out there drinking that la croix water
growing granola on her co-op urban rooftop farm
(i don't.. i don't think you grow granola)
you grow granola!
you know white people don't wash their legs right
that's disgusting
she looks like one of those women who says:
“can i speak to your manager?”
ayo yo
let me speak to your manager
i'll damage ya, ya amateur
me and my four friends got eight legs like a tarantula
(oh okay)
what she thinks she's tough?
whats this some kind of illegally blonde sh-t?
whats her gang?? delta gamma nu nu, hehehe

have a good day!

cipha sounds:
yeah you too

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