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Witt Lowry - The Last Pharaoh MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

this is headphone hero

[verse 1]
yo, h-llo it's mister i'm a whack f-cking rapper, right?
y'all b-tches make me sick, make me lose my appetite
gotta try to prove it, if i do that's only half the fight
i finally wipe my eyes from all the dust, now i have clear sight
f-ck a chorus like the whole quad didn't show
i beat this beat up like i'm doing taekwondo
then i ate 'em up like i'm adding four plus four
it's chilly out there in the world, you should buy a coat
so just watch what i do, and if you don't like me you can swallow my goo
nowadays i got girls only coming in two's
and when they first meet me they say, “your eyes are so blue” (yeah they are)
yeah, is that the first thing they think of?
saying that i'm rare like a mothaf-ckin' pink dove
smashing shit daily like mothaf-ckin' link does
girl i promise i'll be everything you dreamed of
haters gonna hate, and b-tches gonna b-tch
this world in my toilet i think i'm about to shit
she's catching my b-lls when i c-m like a mitt
headphone hero just dropped haters swallow spit
i'm defending all your shots so call me hope solo
you can never get to me, b-tches like “oh no”
girl wanna ring, shit, you should call frodo
out of this world i got bark like i'm todo
watch me handle my flow like a tampon
i'ma have her blowin' all night like a band-part
i'ma shower a thing till' all of the sand gone
greedy -ss people always wanna get their hands on
everything that i have, because im winning everything, shit, call me the mets
b-tches talk so stupid turn around and just laugh
turn around and beast on a track more like a beast and a half hah

[verse 2]
okay here we go droppin' back on this beat
and i'm just giving your girl wet dreams when she sleeps
then i told her i'm a rapper she said, “that's pretty neat”
i must have turned into a butcher 'cause she wanted my meat
and now i'm shitting on the track while you all are just sucking
so, what should we call that? mmm, call it a b-mpkin
lighting up shit like i'm inside a pumpkin
if the game is the rim, well, f-ck it i'm dunking
they say karma is a b-tch well good thing that she's mine
and i don't really need the money if it doesn't buy time
when your girl's in my room the change she's more than a dime
i walk into a into a room of haters i'll come out just fine
'cause there is nothing they can do to faze me
i'm high on life got my head where the planes be
sleeping on me like we're laying on the same sheets
nothing in this motherf-cking world that can contain me
jump off the beat and i came back on it
going so hard shit call me onyx
b-tch wanna repeat hooked on phonics
serving everyone just like i'm sonic
i don't give a f-ck what they're saying to me
girl come here come try my drink
i am obviously unique
i'm not fake, i'm not mystique
hahah, shit, lemme slow down now
been running on this beat i'm running off the ground now
start to hear me everywhere i'm rapping in surround sound
got your girl to travel now she likes to go downtown
flow tight i puncture ears like an arrow
i get deep in that pussy with my bone no marrow
feelin' like money you can call me denaro
it's not witty on this beat, it's witty the last pharaoh

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