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Lirik Lagu

ok, i'm spitting magic, look
veni vidi vici, outersp-ce kind of mindset
call me c-3po
and i don't like to f-ck with hoes
but with a garden like mine, i'm gon' need two, three or four
i'm a f-cking pot of gold; hashtag lucky charms
sleep on me; i hope you don't mind waking up on a star
oh, i'm a d-ck? all that means is with time i go hard
i'm a joker, ace me? you gon' need your best cards
right now i'm feeling optimal, optimus, we're opposites
and you are just a toilet cause your bars are always full of sh-t
i'm teaching etiquette, clean up your act or i'm steppin' in
she take me in her mouth, i make her feel good—medicine
your first mistake was doubting me, second was starting me
i'm feeling like money now, b-tch, a lottery
economy, i'm probably be, an animal, a wallaby
her heart was melting for me so i took it—robbery
don't light a flame under me i'm gas, ha—mobile
looking for some brain from a bookworm—barnes and n-ble
going global, so don't try and put me into one spot
i am past being the sh-t; i'm the sh-t after it rots
and now i'm rapping hero code, that's word to marvel and dc
saying i'm a wack eminem, but i'm a reseed
just tryna be myself, but still people can't see me
i'm never full of sh-t, so somebody please feed me
feed me, feed me, 'bout green like luigi
better start going to cl-ss or i'ma school you—mr. feeny
y'all dumb now like the other side of a [?]
say i not good, then what's good for you? green beans
i'm flowing like a period, you're dried up like camel sh-t
i'm coming straight out of ct like hamilton
the top is where i wanna stay, i need a place—hampton inn
i'm watching where i step cause i'm above y'all trampling
the one you've never met, but the one you need to know
“it's a cold world” is what they say, well, then f-ck it, i'm the snow
oh oh no, i'm i beast, i'm just going abominable
i never ever let them skate around me (ha), we're on a role
it's funny how they listen when you put your words to beats
you can say that i'm irrelevant but hero code's the fleet
never lazy, taking over like the f-cking british navy
asked them if they had common sense, a nickel's what they gave me
don't want to end up on an island with [?]
got flow that's untouchable and lyrics that are seamless
i'm the meanest
f-ck the world, i've got the moon as my p-n-s
that's a pretty big load to carry, when i come you all will see it
i know hoes, you know hoes, we all know hoes, but f-ck them hoes
they always want to break you down, but never let them get to you
yea, we on that new f-cking level sh-t
y'all are old news, i'm the one thing that's relevant
i've been in the building, you don't want to see me settle in
a rookie to this game, but one day i'll be a veteran
i'm nasty like a bad b-tch, eating my sh-t with my chopsticks
dirty mouth, dirty mind, maybe now they want to watch me
watch me achieve and watch people try and stop me
but i'm going every round and i'ma never stop, rocky!

and i'ma never stop
and i'ma never stop
and i'ma never stop

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