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Witt Lowry - Piece Of Mind MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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i think it's time, for me to give them a piece of my mind

it's funny how everybody thinks they know me
didn't talk to me in highschool, now you want to get to know me?
well, i guess that's cool
but most people from my school are either stuck up b-tches or dudes acting like f-cking tools
i'll take a hater, make him grab on my rope
tell him “i'll take him to the top, just put that rope around your throat”
then when we get up there, i'll dangle him from the stairs
his dumb-ss still be like, “what the f-ck is going on here?”
many don't want to get me started
to the people i hurt, i'm sorry
i really hope that i can still come to your pity party
n-body's safe, so everybody duck for cover
i don't really give a f-ck, but that's just cause i got no rubber
i must be a f-cking -sshole with this shit coming out of my mouth
f-ck with me, you might come home to a guy with a clown -ss on your couch
i'm just kidding, maybe not; i'm the shit i'm gravy hot
and i'm so h-rny, but i got no lube, so i'll just use some applesauce
hate me all you want, but talent man you know i have it
i'm like the white lil' wayne mixed with a bit of bob saget
huh that's what people say i'll jump on a boat and sail away
and now i'm on an island where they're sharks and all the skies are gray
i'm just so tired of these dumb -ss b-tches, they
come home, the dad at work and the mom in the kitchen
log on to facebook, putting up a status they
b-tching about how much they hate their lives
when their families the richest
how many problems do you really think that you have?
your biggest last week was whether you should buy a new cat
now spit it homie move back
enough b-lls to fill two sacks
and they say “you're a rapper? when you gonna get a new tat?”
well, why you try to put me into a box?
they say i'm acting crazy, just haven't been sleeping a lot
now all my dreams turn to nightmares, where i only have five hairs
and pull em' out, listening to a dumb b-tch and a tight pair
the way these girls act, man it makes me sick
they're starving always searching for attention and shit
and when you're going to work girl, don't upload a pic
and when you're brushing your teeth girl, don't upload a pic, shit!
n-body really cares that much about your life
i'm sorry, i'd rather watch a fly eating pie, than to
look at pictures from every second of your life
it's like my newsfeed is a pool, and your trying to drown my eyes
people always hate, so i ask them what they don't like
they say, “i haven't listened to you, but i heard you're alright
but if i listened is just probably something i wouldn't like.”
and i'm just like,“shut up slut, you're a drunk mess, right?”
you really are a hoe and girl you can't deny it
'cause i just over heard you talking bout' a dirty pirate
and how you swore it how you still have it under your eye lid
and how the guy was big and hairy and his name was titus
hating on other rappers, yeah that ain't me
so many people talk about no way he's better than me
but when yo' alb-ms both dropped, he sold tons of cd's and then you?
you sold none, how are you better than he is?
see, promote yourself, that's all part of the game
you say you have k!lla' lyrics, but yo' songs aren't playin'
and then you blame it on the fact that he gets radio play?
stop whining and all just grind or get out of the game
i have to admit, i do talk myself over bit
but, that's only because i know one day i'll actually live it
mazer with it, always going cause there ain't no
finish, so if you tryna stop me, you better become a winner
now, love how people talking shit are the ones
that have no potential and all of them will copy
me with a lyrical pencil
f-ck it, i'll be happy if you wanna be me, i mean i am a
cool rapper working towards a degree. gee
i'm kinda flattered, my heart is going “pitter-patter”
thinking bout' going to college just to become a rapper
i'll do whatever, who cares what i do?
so i sit in the back of cl-ss writing raps 'cause they good
this girl was like, “hey mark, or should i call you witty?
i heard that you're a rapper, do you record in the city?
and aren't you from the suburbs? i bet your music is shitty
'cause i know tons of other rappers and they all film pretty
you're probably just another freck rapper trying to get big
well, i know rappers from the city that sounds better than big
i haven't heard them, but that's what they tell me and shit
good luck on your career, i hope i wasn't being a b-tch!”
first off, um, never f-cking label me!
and girl you're so fake i thought that you were f-cking make-believe!
save your luck full of b when it's only 8 degrees
i don't really care if some dumb b-tch wants to hate on me
what else is on my mind?
i think i'm running out of time
i'm already four pages deep inside my little book of rhymes
hold on! i see the finish line
but, i still have a little time
to fat right lines and show you all i can f-cking rhyme, yeah
you wanna talk behind my back?
i hope you like the view back there
you should be kissing my -ss
i rappin' slow, i rappin' fast, i do it new
and f-ck the past
and i'm schooling anyone that isn't going to cl-ss

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