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Witt Lowry - Made You Look MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ugh yeah, ugh yeah, ugh yeah, f-ck you talkin' 'bout, if it ain't about me, b-tch

[verse 1]
witty on this beat i mean, witty going beast i mean, witty going harder
then you've ever f-cking seen i mean, i'm banging on this beat like i'm
playing in a band man, y'all are f-cking sleepin' on me, you must know the
sandman, and now i got some fans man, wow now look at me, you can hate me
all you want, but b-tch don't talk to me, and awkwardly, come up to me thinkin'
that we're friends, when i know that you talk sh-t about me again and again
and i've been legit as f-ck since day one, watch me, never stopin' til' i'm
number one, hah top see, don't have time for birds like a penguin, uh crosby
i got your girl so wet, that she be sayin' “please mop me”
ah, you can't stop me
i'm hot like a winter coat, stuck in a sauna on a fat man under his rope
i stay fresh motherf-cker i am so clean, i think we met before, i think i met
you in your girls dreams, and yeah i know your girl, her p-ssy hang like loose collars
and i think they need a new face to this game, like new dollars, i'm the one that's been
chosen, got these girls like “oooh la la”, if you're not a boar with me, then just get off
you, don't mota, don't think that i have b-lls well then test me, sack tap, y'all p-ss-es
are lazy as f-ck, uh fat cat, runnin' with new england on my back, like a nap sack
and anyone who's sleepin' better wake up, cat nap

[verse 2]
ha, now this is headphone hero, take a listen, take a look, lyrics straight out of the kitchen
i'm the chef, no, i'm the cook, wrightin' words like i'm an author, check my nook, no check
my book, and i'll be wavin' to these haters from the top like ‘made you look.' i'm a february baby
i ain't got sh-t to do with this, i just thought that i should tell y'all, so my birthday you can't
miss, and i'm the sh-t, still steamin' from this rap game's -ss, and when i landed, i was just covered
with green like gr-ss, d-mn, crystal clear thoughts got me thinkin' like diamonds, i'm the one that's
in the front, you're the one that's been behind them, and the way i write these lines, i got them
thinkin' i'm a lion, working hard, this is not re-creation, no hyphon, i'm a t-tan to these haters
that just want to see me fail, f-ck you, beat me down, i promise that i will prevail, hyperbolic
rhyme chamber, man i just stepped out, now i get better every single time i open my mouth
imagine that, imagine how the next mixtape will sound, and when i told you i progressed
i wasn't f-cking around, i'm writing rhymes all the time, i'll never ever slow down, and if you're
barking at me, you better bring the whole pound, they take a look at me and say “yeah he ain't got
sh-t, he's just some f-cking white kid, i think he goes by witt,” and then they listen to my music
sayin' “this the same kid? this kid can f-cking spit hard, i mean this kid is hot sh-t.” thank you

[verse 3]
back on the sh-t now, i'm never f-cking stoppin', i'm the hero, i am batman, never second like robin
see, i'm watching, take me out, i'll come back man, poltergeist, got two b-lls for your girl, come here
open twice, i leave her horrid all night, like the cats goin', when she woke up, i was the only thing
she asked for, wild like a bad boar, i'm spittin' like a bad wh-r-, and fakes don't really want it with me
you all actors. f-ck this sh-t i'm goin' in, motherf-cker want to stop me, hope again, bangin' on a beat
like it's not openin', motherf-cker i'm ill, gotta cold again, think i'm holdin' in? i'm never that
i'ma show you how to get on and i'll be wack, i'ma show you how to get on and show you to attack, i'ma show you
how get on and beat a track, ugh. now girl make that booty go, thunderclap, don't think that i run sh-t huh?
i'ma run it back, top is where i'm comin' at, the bottom, never comin' back, and everyone who doubtin' me, i know
y'all wanna take it back. yeah, hero-co, y'all better recognize, y'all the same sh-t, but i am new, and i'm one
of a kind, y'all can't see me, take a look, cause you f-ckers are blind, f-ck where's waldo, where's witty
i'm rarer to find, or harder to find, i'm hard on my grind, go hard when i rhyme, and show 'em i get better with
time, n-body understands me, because i'm harder to find, i gave you all of these bars to digest over time, i'm done

oh yeah, haha, ugh
headphone hero, and it's me
i go by the name… of… witty
haha yeah, and we done, ugh

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