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Witt Lowry - Kindest Regards MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
here to tell you the truth, tell you i'm nervous
tell you my story, tell you i'm worth it
tell you my flaws and my faults and my doubts
give you my heart and what's left of it now
tell you my hurt, tell you my pain
tell you the thoughts i keep trapped in my brain
tell you that nothin's the same
tell you i'm nothin' much more than a man
and tell you, i fear i may never find love
tell you i'm gettin' in touch with above
and right now, can't deny that i'm scared, all this music
i wrote won't compare or warrant the buzz
alone in my room, dissectin' each line that i rhyme
i don't know how i'll finish on time
missed the drop date three times, i know that i let you all down
well, i was the first in that line, so
sever my soul from my body, engulf it in music
then give you somethin to relate
this is somewhere to go when your heart becomes cold
and your friends become fake
as you stand on the edge of the world
you feel like you're destined to break
and your grandma is screaming, “you're worthless!”
and calling you names to your face
mom and i had to move to a place
second time that i'll rhyme to paint this picture
and i can't deny, i would hide in my room
and would cry from dealin' with ya
picture's so vivid, you yell in the kitchen
i'm takin' my boxes, i've made a decision
i'm done with your dissin', your father there fixin'
i tried to be nice, but you just wouldn't listen
i couldn't wait for the day
just to give you my take on the sh-t that you did
silly old b-tch, never be like you, never be so rude
i hope, i wish alone and sit, you sit, but this is where we end it
it's crazy to me how the truth is often most offensive
battle tested, learned my lesson to forgive, but not forget
i spilled my heart, opened my chest
irrelevant, you are to me, but part to me, honestly
thought i should address, life often makes this mess
i've come to give you more while everybody gives you less

[verse 2]
yeah, and, lookin' back on it all was a lie
at your friend's house and there's no other guys
surprise, and look who you're with
i'm not tryin' to diss, i'm just tellin' you this
that your feelings may fade, but your memories stick
hope you're happy with him
i honestly hope you're happy with him
and he does all the things that i would and i tried
but i couldn't could keep going on, but i know that i shouldn't
i shouldn't waste any more time
shouldn't waste any more lines
when you're drunk off the wine, do you find
me crossin' your mind? we knew this would happen with time
but i think that we finally figured it out
that we would just never work out
i tried pickin' you up, you tried pullin' me down
but now life without you is where happy is found
and right now, i'm just focused on music, trust you would lose it
ripped out my heart, you abused and you used it
love's not a label on facebook
when i gave you everything like, “girl, wait, look”
but you didn't care, i would just stare at my wall
and you gave me no reason at all when you left
picked myself up when you made me feel less
much better off and at that i detest
well, now let's just put it to rest, i wish you the best
my friends don't respond to my texts
yes, i've been busy with kindest regards
but is it that hard just to call?
i wanna hang out, yet you're shuttin' me out
and you put in no effort at all
now you got me confused like, “what did i do?”
used to tell you if i'll make it, “i'll be bringin' all of you”
now, my circles are limited a few
and y'all walked out and left, that left no one to lose
i got nothin' to lose

[verse 3]
and nothin' to gain by not tellin' the truth
been barely believin' in love
i still really don't even know if i do
but if someone was ever to make me believe
then that someone is you, i promise it's you
i never took action, you're snapchattin'
askin' me where all my music is at
we're talkin' right now as i'm writin' this rap
you're someone i wish that i always could have
and to be blatant, girl, your name is—
still can't say it
never could say it, scared you would hate it
wonder what crosses your mind when you play it
i'm patient, i'm waitin' for you
even wrote “rescue” about me and you
maybe, one day we'll be, we'll wait and we'll see
now i'm chasin' my dream, and i hope you do too
and i'm hopin' to prove, i'm payin' my dues
dad would get drunk and p-ss out, i'm like, “what are you doin'?”
booze and you lose it, he knew it
so he got sober, so proud, i knew you could do it
i'm out at a party, y'all tell me to drink
here's what i think, i think you look stupid
sinkin' my soul in the music
i do it for free and just know that i'm woven into it
my fans we turned into fam
i'm here to guide you, give me your hands
tell me your thoughts, and your dreams, and your plans
they told me i never could be what i am
now, look where we stand
we stand for everything we said we'd stand for
when they tried to give us less, we said, “nah, f-ck that
we demand more,” and we stand tall
dan told me, “jump on that beat and go tell 'em the truth”
that's what i do, i do this for you
i tell you my story to help you get through
and you see that this life is hard
the darkest nights make the brightest stars
i'm bringin' y'all with me, let's raise the bar
i know y'all can feel this, whoever you are
kindest regards, mark

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