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Witt Lowry - Boss MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
okay, came in to k!ll the beat
oops, i think it's dead now
b-tch you won't sh-t from me
she thinking i'm a dead cow
crazy, now where's my head now?
crazy, i'm a mad house
i'm all about my cheese motherf-cker like a fat mouse
i'ma boss b-tch, f-ck ya'll better recognize
y'all can't see me motherf-cker through eleven eyes
the memorize my words and take meaning from my thoughts
and they say a white boy on a beat spits raw
i told my team i'm a beast on a beat and that beat is me
so watch me eat, come take a seat and watch me teach
i guess that's life so sa la vie
i'ma one man fleet
i'ma run this sheet
if you don't like me you can suck my d
when you're on your knees look up and see greatness [?]
woah, okay here i go
i'm running on this track, why y'all moving so slow
yeah witty is the name everybody should know
and to the ones who talked sh-t, thanks you helped me grow
and they know they can hate, but they have to respect
f-ck a hater with a big d-ck, f-cking ogre like shrek
i'm trying to manage all my spit but it's hard to ingest
i wanna show them i'm the best but their heart i impress
yes okay, yeah pause, let me gather my thoughts
you wanna f-ck around with me? well motherf-cker you're lost
they're talking to a bunch of randy's i ain't talking about moss
i have more bite than a motherf-cking gator, lacoste ha
take me in or take me out
look me up or look me down
tag me in or tag me out
i call this sh-t my stomping ground
thinking you can stop me now?
uh-huh no way you don't know how
i'm way above the bullsh-t, i'm riding a comet now
thinking that i'm illiterate cause when i talk i just spit
wanna take a ride girl, come sit in witty's c-ckpit
come to me, i'm dropping sh-t
rockstar sh-t, i'm rocking sh-t
thinking i'm a wild boy, i'm on my waka flocka sh-t
nice guy so on my tracks i have to be the meanest
like i said on elmer's glue sh-t, i'm lyrically a g*nius
you ain't got the magic no more man you k!ll for arenas
spitting fire out my mouth got them thinking i'm a pheonix
i'm a dog like scooby-doo
i'm in the pants like fruit of the loom
winning sh-t like whoopty doo
i'm complex b-tch like a rubix cube
pick me up or push me down
running sh-t like i run the town
i'm chilling with my martians so i'm never f-cking coming down, b-tch
haha haha, yeah everyone jumped on this beat so i was thinking that it was my turn
headphone hero b-tch!
w-i-t-t-y and i'm the future

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