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Witt Lowry - Blood In The Water MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[first verse}
i don't fill in boxes or your categories
you wanna find real (?)
you chose a woman get her tatted on me, you p-ssed on me, better fess up
on my worst day could make your best stuff
and my worst (?) could be your best stub
oh you running now? i better rest up
just a couple of things i can pent up
i've been alone in my room and n-body in rent i just gather my thoughts
yeah i was misheard, not a surprise now tell me i'm out of your body
you met with the label one time and you're posting some picture that sees a society
i met with some labels, sold pictures of me, i've been pitching (?)
people talking i got no time to listen
you trying to be different
that makes you not different
they say i just rap about women
thats coming from links who just never gave p-ssage its a gimmick
y'all average
honestly for a second i forgot i was a savage
p-ssion, something all of y'all are lacking
man, asking is anybody not rapping

[hook x2]
i can see blood in the water, i don't want none of your vision
i can [?] none of their orders, i don't want none of your business
fought for my vision
i can see i'm all over (?)
i can see i'm all of your wish list
i can see it all, now hold back

-sorry if lyrics are incorrect the song was teased on a livetsream

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