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Willow - Cuban Pete MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[chorus: willow]
dominos, dominos, dominos
dominos, dominos, dominos
dominos, dominos, dominos
your love's like dominos, dominos, dominos
dominos, d-dominos

[verse 1: willow]
i went outside on a bright monday morning
i sat with my dog and read some new books that i bought
i wrote a poem about you
in a couple of moments i know that you know this
but i know you're just scared of yourself (of yourself, of yourself, ‘cuz i helped)
don't work hard as you
the things that you wish you could do but
i can't, i can't nah i'm just tripping (i'm just slipping)

[verse 2: sza]
young rose, they ask you not to grow here
[tanning?] where you show, seek what's on your mind just one thing to know my dear
the dirt is not for you
can't absorb the light, stick only to truth
and this is what i know my dear
show me, you show me, you show me, you show me, you show me
grow me, you grow me, you grow me, you grow me, you grow me

[chorus: sza]
dominos, dominos, dominos, dominos
my mind's like dominos, dominos, dominos, dominos
falling like dominos, dominos
falling like dominos, dominos

[verse 3: willow]
young rose, they said don't you grow here
oh no, i let myself float here
on a kite let us ride
yes i came from the third
follow me as your lead
and we can just chill back and converse, converse, converse, converse
it hurts, i swear it hurts the way you walk
without a verse i talk
without my mouth we speak
just thunderclouds

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