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[originally performed by michael buble]

another summer day,
has come and gone away,
in paris and rome,
i want to go home,
maybe surrounded by,
a million people i,
still feel all alone,
i just want to go home,
oh i miss you, you know,
and i've been keeping all the letters,
that i wrote to you,
each one a line or two,
i'm fine baby how are you,
well i would send them but,
i know it's that it's just not enough,
the words were cold and flat,
and you deserve more, than that,

another aeroplane,
another sunny place,
i'm lucky, i know,
but i want to go home,
i've got to go home,
let me go home
i'm just to far,
from where you are,
i've got to come home,
let me come home,
i've had my run,
baby i'm done,
i want to come home,

and i feel just like,
i'm living,
someone else's life,
it's like i just stepped outside,
when everything was going right,
and i no just why you could not come along with me,
'cause this was not your dream,
but you always believed in me,

another winter day,
has come and gone away,
in either paris and rome,
and i want to go home,
i miss you, you know,
let me go home,
i've had my run,
baby i'm done,
i want to go home,
let me go home,
it'll all be alright,
i'll be home tonight,
i'm coming back home.

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