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Utopia - The Aging Musician MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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run run run run. run run as fast as you can
you can't catch me…i'm the gingerbread man!
once upon a time i played electric guitar,
and they said i was a rockin-roll star.
now n-body calls me on the telephone
so i sit and watch tv all alone.
maybe if i put a bullet in my brain,
they'll remember me like kurt cobain.
and the parasites on mtv,
would wipe their eyes and act like they knew me!
but i wouldn't be a hero i'd be dead!
just a corpse beside a note that read:
if you'd like to pretend that you'll never get old,
you got what it takes to rock and roll!

jagger…he was okay,
none of this…”lizzy borden hairdresser cr-p!
i just need a couple of really good players!
i can have a band again! back on the road.
play real music…not this computer cr-p real music! we go big!
whatever happened to music? now it's all about marketing and
media coverage! god d-mn mtv! every thing was okay before mtv!
and gun control? like gun control's gonna stop it?
a supermarket freak can stop just about anything…who's ouzi?
nuthin's right anymore…not even tv!
davey crockett said it all: if you're sure you're right then,
go ahead! now…nuthin's right…nuthin! god d-mn mtv!

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