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Utopia - Play This Game MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i could be jealous and grasping with greed
i could pretend that i want something i don't need
these are the things that go through my head
but then, i could be an angel disguised as a man
i could be the sun that shines in the midnight land

if you would only stand in my corner
give that advantage to me
don't you feel something?
you know what i'm thinking but
i can't set it free
we must

play this game, take the prize
but not before you realize
that win or lose, it's all the same
then maybe we can play this game

i can't remember the reason i'm here
sometimes it seems like it's all out of habit or fear
sometimes i wish i could just go to sleep

but then, i'll have a dream with a beautiful end
i'll wake up and feel alive, then i'm off again

if i could only keep your connection
give me whatever remains
then i might win you total liberation
but i can't break these chains
we must

play this game
let's pretend that we could never reach the end
for it would be a crying shame
if we can't learn to play this game

stand in my corner
give that advantage to me
stand in my corner
pull down a message with me
the answer that evades our brains
we only think we're wearing chains

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