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Tyga - Storm MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

(feat. stefano moses)

[chorus – stefano moses]
the city's gone with electricity
no lights so i can hardly see
and all the smiles, screaming rescue me, rescue me
who to trust, who can you believe?
the devil owns this reality
and all the smiles, screaming rescue me, rescue me

[verse 1 – tyga]
hate lies, never truth when it's televised
devils on the screen, fire in their eyes
put your face to a spell make your soul fly
pray every day some close to god
looking at the murder rate never ask why
colt 45, with a 4 5, the innocent die young can't judge life
never did so i live fast every night
wonder why they breathe hate through their wind pipe
m-th-rf-ckers wanna take instead of give advice
n-gg-s left me now i'm living right
trying to cheat death with a trick dice
gambling can't rely on management
if it's 'bout business i'ma handle it
i see it all like an -n-lyst,
views of the water, big bills like a pelican
i'm into different broads, f-cking in foreign cars
wizard of oz, tear coloured benz, i ain't got a heart,
no love shoot the cupid with a dart, danger in the park
motherf-cker don't walk past dark
what the f-ck is illuminati?
old n-gg-rs with money
b-tch get the power light, stand tall tower light
gotta fight, can't let 'em take our life


[verse 2 – tyga]
take a step as the world spin
rumors come and go faster than a whirlwind
whirlpool, b-tches getting' sucked in
booty model shake your -ss but you're broke b-tch
man you n-gg-s ain't balling in the bull pen
riding on the black mag i'm a cool kid
last king living, give me sp-ce like a movement
cream get the money, whip icy like cool whip
ohhh sh-t, who sh-t n-gg- art gallery flow painted under globe
use the colored dope n-gg- i'm a lobe
levitator pro, crisis when he spoke, kicking in your door
hit the flow like lee boy? with a globe
trying to win but the finish lines far, race against the odds
race don't matter when you dead or start praying to the gods
don't let me die so young


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