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Tyga - Salsa Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

friday poppin', you already know
i'm just getting ready for
friday poppin', you already know
it's the weekend, i'm just tryna go
all the way up, all the way up
hit that salsa when i'm faded, when i'm faded (x4)

[verse 1: tyga]
dough! we say it like, who dat?
(it's the remix!)
i hit that salsa when my pockets level
it's that action junkie
i got that salsa, she want it from me
i'm hot and spicy, i don't need no water
i hit that salsa like victor crew
hit that shit like i ain't got no chips
but i do, yeah i do, [?] b-tch for me and you
i hit that salsa when i'm faded
i hit that salsa, i got that flavor
i got that salsa like grandma made it
locked up like i'm gucci mane
all i got is guacamole
this is not chipotle, this t-raw, these b-tches know me
i'm just getting ready for


[verse 2: dozay]
all the way up, go
tell my girl to pour that henny up
pussy, money, dodi, i can't get enough
haters act like b-tches, i don't give a f-ck
i don't give a f-ck, i don't, i don't give a f-ck
and that's every day
all night smoking that salsa every day
i'm about that green like i'm cee lo
i take a shot like a free throw
she got that [?] like gazebo
i drown in that pussy, el nino
top drop, drop it to the floor for the fake
[?] call it dancing in the rain
up down, let that cheek go for the gates
call a stripper [?], put them in a range
take another shot, steph curry
turnt but i'm so faded, got my eyes so blurry
finna get faded
really though


all the way up, go
friday poppin', you already know
you ain't ready, you ain't ready though (x3)
friday poppin', you already know

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