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Tyga - It Neva Rains MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

it neva rains in southern california
it neva rains in southern california
it neva rains
it neva rains in southern california
it neva rains in southern california

[verse 1: tyga]
fresh off the runway, today gon be a good day
her first time in l.a., she heard 'bout secret sunday
party on roof top, convertible drop top
want the axel foley life, talkin beverly hills cop
2 shots, we sip a lot, one shot, that's all you got
she just wanna be on the scene, stuntin in parking lots
first time she feel at home, second time did it wrong
third time's a charm, now she ready for it all
i place my bets high, no time for actin shy
startled by the lights on stage, don't close yo eyes
thinkin rodeo drive, sweets at the lama ties
oh she fly but it's gon take more to weaken thighs
hoping that they gon come, she's saving up her ones
saying she love to hustle, champagne for fun
a new york stripper, said she left her n-gga
la won't tip er, she runnin back to that n-gga
i told er

it neva rains in southern california
it neva rains
it neva rains in southern california
it neva rains in southern california
(it neva rains in southern california)
it neva rains in southern california

[verse 2: game]
wake up to flowers and she know it's me
swear to god that body perfect like them rosaries
she got me skyping when i'm overseas
swiping when i'm overseas, chanel with the codeces
berkin make er twerk it, i pop it while she workin
n-ggas poppin in bands when she walk out by them curtains
make yo rainin honest cuz i swear that she deserve it
nowhere to nothing, n-gga money longer than that suburban
love er but she a stripper, magnum wrapped just like a turban
we just out further here, i'm going deep enough to hurt it
yea she a squirter, that p-ssy homicide
and my d-ck can murder, them legs suicide
and i cl!ck on purpose, we f-ckin oceanside
keep er wetted in them surface and whenever she resurface
it's tighter than a virgin, like a melon when it's swell up
whenever she in cali no need for the umbrella ‘cause


[bridge: tyga]
to live and die in la
shout out my n-gga game
west coast sh-t
shout out to power 106
supportin the movement, yea
shout out to all the west coast rappers
keepin this la sh-t alive one day at a time baby
i see yall
ain't no place i'd rather be
i'm right here with yall in la
it's real sh-t
shout out to everybody on they fashion tip
make sure you check out that last king store on fair fact baby
yea, we doing it big, we doing it big


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