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Tyga - Every Girl MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

on tv of course i am the man,
comcast follow me like twitter with them legs,
cause i can make you famous like a giant in j-pan,
she told she a fan with model friends they from france,
i'm like yes (yes),
vps up on her neck (neck) lace (lace),
get together tonight it's so late it's breakfast,
eat this question hur,
how do you want it like pac said (pac said),
then i bang bang bang like pop said (pop said),
baby you can be my slave,
i'm f-cking tyga man and your girl let's say the same,
i'm a get these suckers like my name is keenan wayans,
cus they hating on me and it's a low down dirty change,
she good with the math,
and i be in them -ss minus your boyfriend,
now let me multiple that -ss (mu mu mu multiple that -ss),
you know i like it from the back,
terminator i'll be back don't be sad.

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