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Tyga - Est 80 S Baby MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

almost est. in the 90's
but im still a 80's baby
don't even try is the way god made me
uh uh, its's the way god made me(2x)

verse 1
hey hater man, you lookin' down on a greater man
‘kuz with cheese i'm grating quicker, and g's don't stand for gangsta grip
it means more than what ya averaging
i probably average more ice then alaska's skin
think fast ‘kuz the jab is quick, 24 hours my star power 100%
my tolerance like ‘enuff of this
who is this kid think he is?
notorious like i'm close to big
you aint notice that my focus like pac i'm above the
rim, but more potent than that whole script
i've written' most of my career since 12
did i mention it 5 year later i be rich from it?
now lets timeline '89- where everyone was supafly,
kingpin or the nearest guy
i was compton hospitalized,
in the streets another victim but different in my mother eyes
wait, don't cut the chimes
i need more relief than 357 mili g's, gotta cold flow i need a pharamacy
honestly, i am one of the youngest old souls on the scene
if agreed than future teens vote for me
this election, make my selection, by the most lyrically
holding grudes was never me, my budget won't allow the beef
don't act your age act your salary
they hatin' me and the horse i rode in on
but have they ever seen they name explode in neon's
you wasn't talkin' 'bout me, must've been talkin'; bout that pony
‘kuz they say tyga so great like tony
frosted flakes in the roley, oh he started off with the ice motion
before the deat i had a gliss like wrist and mo sh-t
the only true story, vip's lil' homey
step in and get to know me

almost est. in the 90's
but im still a 80's baby
don't even try is the way god made me
uh uh, its's the way god made me(4x)

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