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Tyga - Christmas Story MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

say rottoie
what's up billy?
guess what we go this christmas?
well what did you get?
2 rare n-ggas
well what's that?
well mine is called tyga and they say it talks
well whats it say?

[hook: tyga]
getting every dollar
why must we be so fly?
maybe its the reason why we don't give a f-ck if we live or die

[verse 1: tyga]
100 young moneys
money ain't nothing
getting every dollar motherf-ck all we does it
we spend it like f-ck it
get it back and f-ck it
throw it while we're clubing from impaler to london
them boys on fire
they living what they want
even 5″9 b-tches be standing in line
to take a look at his motherf-cking life
you like what you see come get personal advice
eyes, flashing lights (lights)
this type of sh-t can't be goggled and find
here's some advice patron with the lime
lime and the cocoanut juice got me right
now take this cocoanut juice b-tch down your spine
l!ck it up
tyga's mans nuts
why must i be such a f-cking fly
maybe its the reason why i stay above the sky
f-cking tight
wow rottoie
that was crazy billy but i got one too
his names gata
well what's he do?
well he talks but i have to push a b-tton and when i press the b-tton it says

[hook: tyga]
getting every dollar
why must we be so fly?
maybe its the reason why we don't give a f-ck if we live or die

[verse 2: gata]
ah the rove street my block
till i step on it
with all these pieces on my neck i call them custom on-ins
its the ice so bright
like it came with a on switch
because i'm a on star and i'm ridin with a phantom
no she not ginger but i still got that bread
man, true bread winner and i'm far to ahead
man, look at my departure
you can't even start it
your plan ain't sh-t because you just talk sh-t
while i sh-t like a dog sh-t
better yet like a hog sh-t
i'm all in your city and i'm still on my boss sh-t
just pick the cl-sters
but please don't smother because there's chicks near by who are trying to pucker
up on my d-ck
these hoes kiss it then l!ck and its been their routine scene my second genesis
then the stations came out and i told them hoes to dip
then i started flipping words
getting paid for this sh-t

man, rottoie this has been the best christmas ever
i totally agree with you billy
and i love rare n-gga tyga
and i love gata
there the best
man, if your a kid out there i hope you get a rare n-gga 1 christmas
i hope you do because gdinc is the best and there the greatest thing that happened to me
i love christmas, and i love tyga, and i love gata
well so long kids

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