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Trinidad Cardona - Liar MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: mere]
thinking back on us
i gave you the world
loyalty and all of that
thought i was your girl
thought you was gon' hold me down
thought you was about it, whoa

[chorus: trinidad cardona]
you said you want it
i know you need it
you're not about it
you think i'm lyin'
i miss your body (i miss your body)
you said you miss me (said you miss me)
i think you're lyin' (i think you're lyin')
i think you're lyin' (i think you're lyin')

[verse: mere & trinidad cardona]
i can't hide my feelings, sometimes i think 'bout us
i act like you don't matter, truth is i been better baby
it's always he said she said and you buy it
and then you mad, always bringing up the bullsh-t, all the problems in the past
you want us happy but you instigate the arguments we have
you're a hypocrite, actually a piece of sh-t
actually my mom was right when she told me you full of it
actually i'm over it
nah, not really over it, but f-ck you
and tell that b-tch that i said that it's f-ck her too
you get caught up then you flip it and then you act brand new
i got a thousand then i flipped it then i got bag too?
don't give a f-ck about them trips or the places we flew
remember all them f-cking nights that i would say i was through?
and then i took you back, god, why did i take you back?
f-ckin' up my mental and you f-ckin' up the bond we had
f-ckin' with my trust, now you got other b-tches in the bed
lyin' to my face and now the lies is gettin' to my head
you could try to replace me postin' subliminals on instagram
i'm losing my patience and you still act like you don't give a f-ck
i know that you fake 'cause when i'm caked up with another man i know you gon' hate?
don't paint me out like the bad guy
you ain't pic-sso, you shake

[chorus: trinidad cardona]
you said you want it (uh, huh)
i know you need it
you're not about it (about it)
you think i'm lyin'
i miss your body (you think i'm lyin')
you said you miss me (uh, huh, huh)
i think you're lyin' (lyin')
i think you're lyin' (i think you're lyin', huh)

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