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Travis Scott - Bet Cypher 2013 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

f-ck out of my business/
i did things that most men would ask forgiveness/
broke the code of commandments from my descendants/
who gives a f-ck? new trojan in the building/
we ride with no limits/
shut the f-ck up, don't you hear me trying to finish?/
i'm in a bad mood, rob that dude/
f-ck that couch, burn that house/
we the cause of the era, new n-ggas with new terror/
4,000 on the leather, you n-ggas should know better/
them n-ggas new slaves, i do say…/
f-ck! f-ck! twice, only on a tuesday/
when i'm in a bad mood/
ooh n-gga i'm wylin on 'em/
ooh back balling on 'em/
i never feel the pain/
only god can make it rain/
so i must be mary, joseph, allah/
kid of a disciple, thoughts are suicidal/
jumping off the building, thinking like a psycho/
they trying to find a n-gga dead, chris lighty/
it's alright, he's after the meds, chris bobby/
…oh sh-t

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