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Tierra Whack - Color Blind MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


queen, the bottom looks different from the top
so you must have forgot that i was hot
i was running the block, these n-gg-s thought i would stop
the shot was blocked, they tried to leave me dead in the box
but i forgot to ride them here
motherf-cker and i'm ready for supper
i'm coming with thunder from under the covers
you better run with your mother
cause i work better like bread with the b-tter
you probably find you brother dead in the summer
don't match the price for sacrifice, it's best advice
my cousin told me don't p-ss the mic
had an eee, then i trapped the mice
n-gg-s acting like they can't be light
skinned, too dark so there can't be light
i can't be white, whatever
heard you were legally blind
you was a god, devil's alive
there is no music we vibe
we all made up of skeleton inside
so run and hide, go run and hide
come on baby, come on baby let's vibe
open your eyes
nothing to fear, the queen is here
nothing is fear, the queen
the queen is here

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