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The Weeknd - Rolling Stone MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

“rolling stone”

now your thinkin' bout it
girl your thinkin' bout it
what we got here
how we f-ckin' got here
they recognize
they just recognize
i'm in a life without a home so this recognitions not enough
i don't care about n-body else
cause i've been on these streets way too long
baby i've been on this too long

it's getting faded too long
got me on this rolling stone
so i take another hit
kill another serotonin
with a hand full of beans
and a chest full of weed
got me singing bout a b-tch
while i'm blowing out my steam
yea i know i got my issues
why you think i f-ckin' flow?
and i'ma keep on smoking 'til i can't hit another note
oooo, but until then

i got you, ooooo
baby i got you, ooooo
until your used to my face
and my mystery fades
i got you
so baby love me
before they all love me
until you won't love me
because they all left me
i'll be different
i think i'll be different
i hope i'm not different
and i hope you'll still listen
but until then
baby i got you
i got you
girl i still got you
i got you

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