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The Weeknd - Heartbreak Devil MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
i've got a question, and i expect to hear the perfect answer
(baby don't you lie, don't you dare pretend) , don't you dare pretend) don't you delay
why do you say you love me when we all know that you love all those around you?
well, i love me too and i'm not afraid to say
everybody hates you; they just want to see you cry
they just want to see you cry (now your thoughts keep you up at night and you ask yourself why)
oh the birds are the people who see you and judge you on a daily
they watch you in silence; they'll envy all your talents
still you

(cry and cry for nothing)
you got everything you could ever ask for, still you ask for more
(time and time you prove to be the names that the blackbirds call you)
don't show them that you're weak or you'll make them see

[verse 2]
baby i'm one of the birds i'm sympathetic, baby i'm a friend
(the flock doesn't fly at night) so ill help you make it right
you're the total package yet you seek unnecessary attention
and you indulge yourself deep into your depression
you're a heart break devil, preaching all the sweet lies
but deep inside i see a lost scared, lonely girl
but indecisiveness led you hear and i can't save you
girl i can't save you, girl it can't be undone

(don't listen to me because i've been lying to you)
(you believe that i love you but you're simply a fool)
(i never was a friend so don't you cry so soon)
(and n0body's on your side, you'll be the only one to lose)


don't show them that you're weak or you'll make them dine at the
fountain of tears, tears from your eyes
they'll smile when you're down to your surprise (to your surprise)
so please, live up to your reputation
don't sell your soul for who you weren't meant, to be
you'll make them see

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