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The Weeknd - Baby MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
i'm h-lla posted in the trump now
i think i've finally fell in love now
her name is tammy, she got h-lla b-tches
she let me f-ck 'em while my n-ggas film it
my place so empty, need a centerpiece
twenty racks a table, cut from ebony
she cut that ivory into skinny pieces
then she clean it with her face, man, i love my baby
man, i love my baby, man, i love my baby
trust me, trust me, i love my baby
man, i love my baby, man, i love my baby, trust me, trust me

oh, yeah, oh, yeah
oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh, yeah
oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh, yeah
ooh, oh, yeah

[verse 2]
i turned the ritz into a poor house
it's like eviction number four now
go 'head an' ash it on the floor now
girl, go ‘head an' show me how you go down
man, i feel my whole body peakin'
an' i'm f-ckin' anybody with they legs wide
got me higher than a n-gga from the westside
eastcoast n-gga reppin' northside, never waste a ho's time
b-tch, i'm on my own time, f-ck a n-gga cosign
'cause i get it better like proline, baby girl, i don't lie
used to have no money for a crib
now my room service still cost your whole life
n-gga try to me step me, i go all-out military
i'm camo'd all-out like i'm in the military
free my n-gga jack, wish he was out in february
perfect time to come out for the album drop
but this sh-t a throwaway

i got 'em sweatin' off a throwaway
man, this sh-t is such a throwaway
(this ain't that album sh-t, man, this just a throwaway)

[verse 3]
i don't seem to have you n-ggas 'round me
all i do is cut n-ggas from 'round me
an' they know the reason why they got cut
you can lie to the best just to get a buzz
'cause these n-ggas know i do everything
puppet master over heads, i'm pullin' strings
n-gga, i'm the reason everybody gettin' high
singin' slow, rockin' camo tees and white hoes
but they can have it, i touch any lane
man, it don't matter, k!ll it anyway
arenas in the spring, i'm h-lla paid
that means h-lla face, h-lla mouth, h-lla brain
these b-tches goin' hard, they losin' shame
i got 'em trainin' like they losin' weight
i'm in miami, i f-ck every day
i never slow the pace, this sh-t's a throwaway

i got 'em sweatin' off a throwaway (yeah, mhm)
man, this sh-t is such a throwaway, yeah, yeah
(this ain't that album sh-t, man, this just a throwaway)

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