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Taylor Swift - To Say MP3 dan Lirik Lagu


Berikut adalah lirik lagu Taylor Swift - To Say dari Taylor Swift. untuk download lagu ini scroll sampai akhir lirik.

Lirik Lagu

you take all the words you said to her and put them up as a wall of gray, protecting yourself from the world that you believe in, i didn't know you would be able to say all the things you did so i take them and put them up as a wall of gray, protecting myself from the world i believe in
she didn't have a reason to cry like she did over you, while you ignored the world and listend to the fray, and you said you wouldn't be embar-ssed if you said that word again but we both go embar-ssed when we said her name
the words written on the wall didn't have anything against anybody, were not in a war so what are we fighting for, i don't know so just shut-up and say all the thing you've wanted to say, the page filled with words in gray and it's about you
i've never been anywhere cold as you, you give rainy endings to perfect days, that's why i hate you for who you are
if you were the only thing i needed we wouldn't be this way, so she just said everything, everybody wanted her to say, but i'm not gonna say it oh, no, no, no
she didn't have a reason to cry like she did over you, you promised me everything i wanted but you gave it to everybody else instead, but you never gave us a d-mn thing so we cry, cry alone or is it together i don't know

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