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Tatiana Manaois - I Want It To Be You MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: tatiana manaois]
not anyone but you, babe
not anyone but you, babe
could you be more than lonely?
i want you!

[verse 1: tatiana manaois]
what if i told you that i really like you
what if i showed you, that maybe i can surprise you
would you be so kind to open up your mind and heart to me?
would it be alright if we just ride along this road and see

[interlude: tatiana manaois]
that i can be anyone but you, not anyone but you
because i want it to be you
i want it to be you
i want it to be you
i want you!

[verse 2: tatiana manaois]
i said, hey, let's take a ride down the interstate 5
even squeeze in a dinner for two
just in that moment, yes, everything told me
that i want you to be the one who cheers up
and gives me hugs when i am feeling low (we)
and tell me everything will be alright

[interlude: tatiana manaois]
and when i cry, i know that i don't look the same
but can you tell me that i'm pretty anyway?
could you be my one and only?
could you be the one to

[bridge: tatiana manaois & mac mase]
hold me close
in the daytime and the nighttime, what do you say?
we can go, to a place that i know you like-like
what would you say if i give my heart to you?
will you be my lover?
'cause i want this night for you (aha, ayo!)
no, i don't want no other

[verse 3: mac mase]
i just want it to be you, is that a problem?
we know we go together like cranberry and vodka
and when i see you walking, you don't need a red carpet
'cause you a star in my eyes, and girl, i'm starstruck
baby, how you summertime fine year-round?
and everything is better whenever that you are around
there's a lot of fish in the sea but i ain't fishing
baby tryna throw shade but i don't listen
i'm like, d-mn girl
how you come up in this thing without your man, girl?
i've been watching what you doing, i'm a fangirl
i'm just tryna get away, what's the plan, girl?
give me your hand, girl

[outro: tatiana manaois]
i want it to be you
i want it to be you

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