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Tate Mcrae - Wish Me Luck MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
i feel bad for the people i don't care about
when i hear the sentences i get a little bit scared
will you help me with my fear?
or will you laugh at me?
it's probably the second thing
because everyone knows you only care about yourself
no one else
if you die and i'm alive i'd do nothing to save you're sorry a~s
let me take a quick second
everyone can tell you what the pain you put me through
what thе h~ll is wrong with you?
i never felt bad for you
i nеver even cared about you
when you sang her all the songs
did you even care about me all along
don't let me go
and if you see a picture of me
i'll shut you down super quick like when you left for her
all the times i wished you luck
you never even cared
i cared when you wished me luck
but now i just wanna keep pushing myself to you
god i knew, for some reason i didn't do anything though
i feel like an idiot for letting you go
i hope you wish me luck
i feel so bad
what i did was wrong
but it's what you deserved
at least i didn't hit you or crossed you
wish me luck?

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