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Steve Lacy - Oh Nahh MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]:
steve lacy is k!llin sh-t
i'm one n-gga that's dealin sh-t
i'm into icy businesses
you've seen images of my wristses
i flexed up on the judge in court
i told her -ss, “b-tch, case dismissed.”
and pulled out in ferrari and my all-denim versace fit
i'm flexin
young n-gga prolly pulled up in a lexus
no more stressin
young n-gga pockets lookin like precious
i'm sending out blessings
when you see that jesus necklace
i got goons that do own choppas
you can be added to the checklist

that's crazy, huh?(x8)

[verse 2]
back up in this b-tch
like body part up yo -ss, huh?
yeah, i run this sh-t
but i gotta check cause i got asthma
white hoes, black hoes
feel like i own pandas
keep that gold wrapper on me
i ain't takin no chances
silly boy, aren't i?
see me in them archives
n-gga you can't turn a thot
into a housewife
b-ss effect on overdrive
i'm shocked as f-ck, super surprised
i made this sh-t sober
but i'm usually f-ckin high

that's crazy, huh?(x8)

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