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Sid - Imperial MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i'm f-cking imperial the way i k!ll these beats me and serial k!llers have something f-cking identical

flexing this mixtape like a campaign im not even political

i'm reaching my pinnacle while being strictly cynical restrictively lyrically ill, satirically trill empirically chill

k!lling this track call it clinical no -ssault breaking in this sh-t like fast and furious no bank vault

rip paul wall freestyle with no protocol

this mixtape will do numbers i don't even rap that serious

either way i'm on top i'm f-cking imperious
you f-gs need to wake up you delirious

this isn't a mystery do some research learn your history

cause i'm not finished i won't stop till my compet-tion is f-cking completely diminished and, this, beat, is, finished….

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