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Sid - Death To Prometh MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

my lyrics need to be defined mentally corrupt im a flawed design a f-cking lyrical mastermind

dennis rodman ain't dye for this i'm a lyrical abyss f-ck with me and that's swiss

i ain't even human i'm a decepticon i don't need anyone to f-cking depend on lyrically a 9mm that's got the extend on

my insides are toxic battery acid but on the outside i'm eternally placid

ignorance to get noticed past rural i'm on to the remotest

and this ain't no f-cking club hit don't make me get belligerent just be lucky the ice on my wrist keep me refrigerant

ice ice no f-cking babies all these white rappers sound like they got rabies

naming yourself after prometh need to k!ll yourself and get the f-ck off the scene whack -ss trends like lean yapping about morphine someone needs to put that f-ggot into cardiac arrest and end his little quest

lemme take the mic away from this youth cause when sid steps in the booth he's gonna end this curse, babe ruth

if you don't like this then stop listening cause i guarantee you got nothing on your wrist that's glistening

were not even in the same division and let alone the same league cause me compared to you you're in the f-cking minors and i'm puig

i don't like people only politics cause the only cliques i f-cked with growing up were dead presidents

it's time to end this sh-t with a boom cause right now i'm on pause just wait till i press resume

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