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Shaybo - Streets MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


i don't need a gangster, i am one
i spent forty racks on a chain, ten racks on my wigs
that's why i'm lookin' badder than your b~tch
my n~gga, i'm lit
i don't need a gangster, i am one
you brought ten racks, i brought three~hundred thousand
i've got three phones, but i'm legit, baby
i've got drip on, but it ain't cheap, baby
south city, baby, i'm cheeky, baby
if you want me to shut up, then make me, baby
he said he want my chocolate spread but do not tell her
'cause i wrap a girl then i rock her fella, uh
boy, i'm just as rude as i look
even got the mandem shook
all i do is flip that paper
flip it like a page in the book
i ain't even takin' a look
n~ggas know to pay me in full
uh, are you tryna take chargе when you ain't the plug?
you know who i be, i don't need no buzz
b~tch try takе me for a mug
i'ma a deck her on the road like a bus
i be rollin' with the thugs
i order jollof rice in deluxe
i run from the lawman with the drugs
i smoked a whole zed on my ones
'cause i got the funds, b~tch
shaybo be the baddest on her ones
got a fl!cky in my wig, baby, i don't need no guns
no cap, hun
keep him on track, he do the runs
baby, i run the hooligans (uh)
b~tch, i'm the youngest of the olders
shaybo from the streets, now she rappin' on the mobos
stormzy called me “queen”, it upset a lot of hobos
but do something, bozos
look, i want proof in my photos
how am i self~proclaimed when the streets know who i be?
forty racks on my chain, b~tch, do me like meek
i really own all the sh~t i put on my ig
so no one should ever call me their yg
shaybo really gang gang
the baddest, that's the hashtag
no photos, b~tch, i don't do the snapchat
no cap rap

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