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Shaybo - Hb Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

any song shaybo drops you know it's hard
that's why i sto- sto- stop and start
everybody's asking me if i'm serious now but
i don't know you know
mummy i'm famous now
how you tryna send me shop to go and get lyca
i don't care which aunties in naija
oya take back your fiver !
call me queen when i'm bucking him
i'm c-cky and confident
sweetest girl but my angers a problem
baddest b-tch
i gotta be
all the n-gga glued to me here like got2be
told him naija boy
“oya bo so bi dobale”
greet me properly
the audacity
i mean honestly

if you beef me it won't work out like a fat man
everybody knows that man
shaybo's gang gang
still a s-xy b-tch though
all the boys wanna bang bang
f-ck him while i handstand
me i need a mad man
b-tch boys what i can't stand
love a lil spank spank any time i throw tantrums
like wa wa wa wa
me and all these girls we not the same
i like to misbehave
and if i ain't getting my way i will complain
p-ssy so delicious so he stays
make that n-gga levitate
treat him good like everyday
i'm mama shay

happy hoes ain't hating
hating hoes ain't happy
it's long for all my paigons
cause shaybo's never lacking
when i see the p's i'm cold
you know i got a jacket
always happy and they know
it means i gotta clap it
everybody knows i'm a street fighter
nicki with the bottle
belly with the lighter
bang to your face cause the sh-ts minor
when you squeeze face why your lips tighter
devil be real real liar
come for holy ghost fire
sprinkle water pow pow
deliver us now now
queen of the south and they know this
the youngest of all of the olders
i am the head not the shoulders
my face is here please focus
got that magic p-ssy
don't bang juj no hocus pocus
all the boys look focused
cause i'm that b-tch they know this

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