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Saweetie - Pretty Rich MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i thought a ugly ho' said some, mm

[verse 1]
p~pretty and rich but i'll still slap a b~tch
some of y'all favorites just makin' my list
i don't father n0body, i mind my own biz
y'all hatin' hoes linger for sloppy~ass triss
stackin' my paper and countin' my wins
y'all study my fashion, it shows in your pics
f~ck fake alliances, i'll take that risk
your n~gga loved me if he knew you'd be sick
knock, knock, who it be? that's me
attitude on a hundred, you'll feel it through the screen
hundred k for a comment, yeah, my time is never cheap
you gossip like a p~ssy, but that sh~t for free, huh
the baby, [?] princess, my [?] is elite
i look better in person, you'll see when we meet
i like toys in the streets, i like toys in the sheets
your p~ssy's too dry to keep comin' for me

pretty brown swag (ayy), pretty brown swag (okay)
pretty brown swag, pretty brown swag (ayy)
pretty swag (ayy), pretty swag (uh~huh), pretty girl swag (ayy)
[verse 2]
misses untouchable, i'm from the west
i see what they do and i still ain't impressed
new vvs be caressing my neck
my diamonds hd, your sh~t vhs
name diamonté so say that sh~t right
i don't argue with b~tches whose fame don't match mine
i been in my birkin, i stay on my grind
i stay on my hustle, i stay on your mind
ooh, i'm so perfect, i make them nervous
funny ass b~tches, y'all need a circus
you got a finsta, b~tch, you be lurkin'
prettiest out here, that sh~t for certain
never met a boss like me, no
winner with the game, no cheat codes
wrist so cold, need a peacoat
ballin' in a hole, that's a free throw

pretty brown swag (ayy), pretty brown swag (okay)
pretty brown swag, pretty brown swag (ayy)
pretty swag (ayy), pretty swag (uh~huh), pretty girl swag (ayy)

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