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Rxseboy - Tribute To You MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

we go through hard times
light up the dark times
a lotta people saying, they know bout our lives

i don't know what to think
i can't believe you're gone
might push me to the brink
so ima write the song

man everybody love you
and if they don't, whatever
you really made a change
and you were getting better

everyone could see it
cuz you were truly bout it
you didn't spread the hatred
got rid of all the malice

there was a fire inside of you like a burning p-ssion
you was working harder than ever when all the fans were asking
when you dropping new sh-t
like man i love your music
i used to feel so useless
now i know what the truth is

you were an inspiration
seventeen was so amazing
got me thinking question marks were more than just some punctuation
really had me contemplating
when my talent would awaken
in our generation man i have to say you were the greatest

you kept it real with no disguise
you opened up so many eyes
and now your touring cross the skies
making sure your fans are treated right
we know that god'll treat you right
your music will live on forever
even through this armageddon

wish i could've talked to you
like even just a single sentence
every single song you made was one where we could feel your presence

know that you had faith in us
and yes we still have faith in you
i hope your dreams are coming true
we know this ain't the end of you

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